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Wolfkill offers a wide range of high quality landscape fertilizers featuring PCU, MU and UF slow release nitrogen sources that provide landscape plants with a complete, balanced feeding.

21-7-14 Quick Green

A 3-1-2 ratio fast release fertilizer for use as a quick green, quick grow fertilizer. All nitrogen is fast release. Feeds for 4 weeks. No iron or micronutrients. 50 lb. bag covers 10,000 sq. ft.

4-2-2 Transplant & Bulb

A low analysis transplant fertilizer designed to minimize the shock of transplanting shrubs and ornamentals. 50% slow release nitrogen (UF) plus micronutrients. 50 lb. bag. Coverage depends on usage and application.

4-12-10 Rhody & Shrub

This rhododenderon, azalea, and camillia food is specifically blended for acid loving plants as well as evergreens and shrubs. 20Lb bags

9-3-4 Organic

An OMRI certified, 100% organic fertilizer suitable for turfgrass, landscape areas, flowers & gardens. Easy to use, dust free, environmentally healthy, safe. 50 lb. bag. covers 5000 sq. ft.

12-4-9 Nursery

12-4-9 is blended with two slow release nitrogen sources, making it ideal for use on sensitive planting sites such as wetlands, nurseries and native plants as well as landscape beds and borders. 50 lb bag. Coverage depends on usage and application. Apply once for season long feeding.

14-14-14 Landscape

A 1-1-1 ratio fertilizer with 100% of the nitrogen being slow release from Polymer Coated Urea, making this an excellent choice for annual color and landscape ornamentals. 50 lb bag. Coverage depends on usage and application.

20-10-5 Plant Tabs

Slow release plant tabs with micro-nutrients designed for two year feeding of newly planted trees, shrubs and ground covers. Comes in 5 gram and 21 gram sizes. 2100-5 gram tabs/box or 500-21 gram tabs/box.

20-20-20 Soluble

A 1-1-1 ratio water soluble fertilizer for general purpose landscape and outdoor use. May be applied to foliage. Contains micro-nutrient package. 25 lb bag coverage depends on usage and application.