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Wolfkill offers a complete range of high quality turf fertilizers featuring PCU, MU and UF slow release nitrogen sources to achieve optimum performance over a wide range of Northwest conditions.

13-0-3 Weed & Feed

All-Pro Weed & Feed controls most broadleaf weeds while feeding turf. Made with Trimec. Quick greening and economical. 40lb bag covers 6,000 sq ft.

12-0-4 Moss Control

All-Pro 12-0-4 contains 8% iron for control of moss in turf. Quick greening formula promotes a dense, deep green turf, healthy turf. 40lb bag covers 6,000 sq. ft.

15-0-25 Cool Season

A 3-0-5 ratio turf fertilizer that is an excellent choice for cool season application. Promote root growth, disease resistance and winter hardiness. 50% SRN. 50 lb.bag covers 7500 sq. ft.

21-0-21 Complete

An excellent year-round turf fertilizer with equal parts nitrogen & potassium. 60% SRN and micronutrients keep turf healthy and green for up to 12 weeks. 50 lb. bag covers 10,000 sq.ft.

25-0-15 Warm Season

A good all around warm season turf fertilizer. 50% SRN feeds turf up to 10 weeks. 5-0-3 ratio is the NW standard nutrient balance. No iron - non staining. 50Lb bag covers 12,000 sq. ft.