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Wolfkill offers quality mixtures of premium lawn grasses, carefully formulated to provide you with a deep green, fine textured lawn that will thrive in both sunny and shaded conditions.

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Pro Lawn - sun & shade

Our highest quality seed mix. Blended with perennial ryegrass and fine fescue for use in full sun to medium shade sites. Fast establishing, fine textured with a dark color. Pro Lawn has medium fertility and water requirements.

Greenway - 3 way ryegrass blend

A blend of three top rated perennial ryegrasses chosen for their disease resistance, early spring green-up and fast establishment. Often used for overseeding existing lawns. Triumph has medium fertility and water requirements.

Lo Grow - low maintenance mix

A low growing, shade tolerant mix of fine fecue and perennial ryegrass designed for landscape applications where expected maintenance levels are low or infrequent. Low fertility and water requirements.

Pro Athlete

The perfect choice for sportsfields and playgrounds. A mixture of Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass chosen for durability, wear tolerance and a deep green color. Medium fertility and water requirements.


A low maintenance alternative to traditional lawns. Eco-Lawn is made up of grasses and low growing groundcovers that thrive in both sun & shade.